am a holder of a degree in nursing and would like to further my education to masters level. i am a kenyan,a diploma holder in registered community health nursing,i would like to get a scholarship and further my education in do i apply.please help. Over here there many works to do but the laborers a few, i am a RN and RM graduate,pls how do i apply for the GSA scholarship program to enable me run my BSN.i am a Nigerian. It is my desire to continue with my studies and become more relevant in as far as this profession is concerned. Dear sir / madam i graduated with Bsc in psychiatric nursing and i am realy in need to continue my Msc program with this feild. I am in a desperate need for it because of my love for education an humanity. I have qualified my diploma and degree both with GPA 4.00. I’M A NIGERIAN CURRENTLY PURSUING A DEGREE IN BIOCHEMISTRY BUT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN HEALTHCARE. i’m still a student in a nursing school. 27. I currently reside in USA and have been enrolled into the BSNursing Program at Trinity Washington DC University this Fall 2011. If its possible from here, kindly requesting to extend me scholarship to pursue further study. Please help me with the GSA scholarship because right now my school account is in the stop list which means i have a balance which i have to clear in order to register for Spring 2012. I am a registered nurse with post basic qualifications in Psychiatry and Midwifery. For more information visit Call for applications for fully funded Stanford University Scholarship Program for 2021. Thanks. am so grateful to see your endevours to assist millions of people to make their drams come true. i hold diploma in nursing, how can i get a scholarship to upgrade to a BSN. Richard Apiah. Dear sir/ma, I have a diploma in Nursing and Midwifery in Nigeria. Study in Thailand, students can apply for any degree programs for their undergraduate and graduates (Master & PhD) as well as for one semester as an exchange on fully-funded scholarships 2021 in Thailand.Chulalongkorn University has wide range degree programs and discipline from social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, Business and Economics, Humanities and … Student. He is known for his love and passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Yours regards any conditions to be attached will be accepted. I am a BSN graduate and recently completed my MPH degree. I really don’t like to be stucked up in this 4 walls of my employer’s house. Iam licenced by both the South Carolina State Board and Kansas City state boards as a registered nurse. Raphael. Am a registered nurse from Uganda.I would like to upgrade from RN to BSN so as to acquire more specialized skills And reduce on sufferage of my people in Uganda. Also i have passion for nursing care. The terms “scholarship”, “tuition waiver” and “grant” are used interchangeably by the colleges and universities cited in this article. Here’s an invitation to high performing aspirants from Australia and aspirants from all around the globe to apply for the ECU Nursing & Midwifery PhD Positions in Australia. Hi Sir/Madam: I am 22 years of age from Liberia and a Liberian and also a drop out of the Adventist University of West Africa here in Liberia while studying nursing. Awards are made every three months. In total there are almost 160+ scholarships for International Students this year. I have an experience of clinician, technical assistant in the university, instructor and coordinator. Studying in the United United is the dream of most students, but when they remember the cost, they tend to take a pause in pursuing that dream. Thanks, Pls Sir/Ma i am from Nigeria, a fresh graduate with registered nurse certificate, i more need information on how to do my BSN in nursing or even get a job to support myself and pursue my education because i am an orphan. Kindly advice/help me out. During training, students are paid for their time when they are doing practical training in a hospital. i am from Ghana. For all those participants/ candidates who have the thought that studying in the United Kingdom is like an impossible task for them. The award is NZ$20,000 per year. I am from country ETHIOPIA , HAVE advanced Level 4 in Information technology and gained experience up to 1 years and more. I shall be grateful to receive a scholarship to enable me pursue my Masters in any of the above fields. Please can you give me information on how to pursue that. I am graduated with BSN, and previously I had a diploma in nursing too. Hello, my name is emmanuel, Hold adegree in nursing from one of the leading universities in uganda. Required fields are marked *. All I want is a healp to further my education. For undertaking a postgraduate degree program, the Global Excellence Awards are designed for all the high achieving United Kingdom, European Union, and overseas participants. You can study Masters and PhD programs under this scholarship program. I am a general nurse trained outside EUROPE and wish to further my nurse education{BSC NURSING} in Australia,was offered a place but my problem is i lack funding.Kindly let me know how to apply,where to apply for a scholarship. I will be glad to hear from you. Undergraduate stude… Odillo Byabato (male) Pls I’m an RN how do I get scholarship to further my BSN in nursing,I’m a Nigeria, Dear Sir /Madam Then this nursing scholarship opportunity is for you! The $1,000 graduate award can be used at any college or university in the world: Nursing training and nursing scholarship for Nigerian students are also available. I need to take my bsc in nursing or nutrition in U.S.A anyone can help me, aanyone can help on how to get this sholarship.. i have a diploma of nursing, I am an international student at Pittsburg State University who is pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing after having obtained an associate degree in nursing and having passed NCLEX. Many establishments have created nursing scholarships and grants for students who are after a degree in nursing. The Nurse/AHP Clinical Research Fellowships in the UK is provided by the Barts Charity. Going abroad, I want to achieve a higher education on nursing. He or she must have a current license, have gone through clinic and theory classes during training to be a registered nurse. David W. Strangway Award For Excellence, 2017 is a Partial Funding international scholarship offered by the Quest University for international students. i am a Nigerian, please i wish to further my study at Bnsc level in any advanced country 2ru ur help sir, i shall b gr8ful if u could b of help, if God can use u, 4 me 2 bcum some body in lyf. so could you help me? OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development) offers a fully-funded scholarship to qualified applicants who wish to study for a Master’s degree in an accredited University around the world. You will be happy to know about the MPOWER Nursing program which is made available and funded by MPOWER Financing Company. I’m very much interested in serving people’s life and I will more happy at time I shall find myself with required skills for chosen speciality.Currently I’m at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University here in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Less than 20,000 students can receive a fully funded private scholarship award each year. Am i also entitiled to b gratnted a scholarship? 100 Students (National & International) will be getting fully funded Scholarships to study Masters, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD degrees at Stanford University. For further information visit the University of Wellington website. Following the program’s completion, the recipient of this award returns to his or her own country and works for at least two years as a nurse educator. Pls help me. Global Scholarship Alliance (GSA)is the premier international nursing scholarship organization. Dear sir/ma, iam a nurse/midwife with five year experience. I will like to venture into forensic Nursing at my master level, as tyhere is no foray yet into this unique aspecialty of Nursing in our country Nigeria. One year of post-graduate acute care experience is also required. I currently reside in USA and have been enrolled into the BSNursing Program at Trinity Washington DC University this Fall 2011. I would like therefore to pursue my BSC in Nursing. I am a young Malawian lady with a diploma in Nursing and Midwifery. Below is a list of scholarships for international students in Europe and also scholarships for both European and international students to study either in Europe or abroad. Dear Sir/Madam, I am a level 400 BSc Nursing student at the School of Nursing, University of Ghana. All the scholarships listed below are either full-tuition or fully-funded scholarships, which are very difficult to get even for domestic students. Thank you. Two opportunities are available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing. Nursing, as is known to be a profession that reminds the name of Florence Nightingale is really one of the dignified professions all over the globe. Kindly assist me to upgrade my qualification in any applicable university and become a midwife educator and facilitator in Ghana. I am a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and also passed the NCLEX-RN exam in California. I am ready to meet whatever bonds of the potential scholarship. My main principle is to reduce human suffering through promotive, preventive and curative services in my small way. Any one sponsering? tanx, i dnt hav money n i want to study Nursing Assistant in Swaziland, Dear Sir/Madam, I have had health challenge all my life, been in the medical field have always been my dream, nursing in particular is my passion …. I shall send my high school leaving certificate If I’m contacted via my E-mail…. Scholarship recipients are also provided with a laptop computer. Dear sir/madam Twelve scholarships are awarded to international students admitted to Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa, to pursue an undergraduate degree in any major, including nursing. Thank you. Having this in mind, the University of Lethbridge has called for to the SGS Dean’s Scholarship in Canada. I am a rn and has an associate degree and a bachelor of science degree in nursing from cuttington university in Liberia, I graduated with 3.5 with both degree, I really want to continue my studies out of Liberia but no support, I wish I can find any body out of Liberia for assistant to help me get my master degree in public health or nursing education. I am Bitew from Ethiopia,I am a general BSC nurse working as a university teacher. Iam asking anybody out there to help me foot the cost of masters degree preferably in australia or UK in the field of public health or nursing or even give me any useful contact. Search Nursing scholarships for international students and students from developing countries. Application Deadline: The application closing date is expected to end on 14th March 2020 16.00 (GMT). Thank you, Hi If you like this article, then subscribe to our weekly scholarship update. Twenty awards based on academic merit are made each year. Presently, Western Sydney University is accepting applications for the International undergraduate financial aid and offering $7,500 multi-year awards and one-off $5,000 awards.

fully funded nursing scholarships for international students

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