The pretzel symbolized everlasting life and the two eggs nestled in each large hole represented Easter's rebirth. Hard pretzels were “invented” when an apprentice in a Pennsylvania bakery accidentally fell asleep, over-baking a batch of pretzels. Though there are many theories regarding the origins of pretzels, it is thought that they were first invented in the earlier centuries AD, possibly made in European monasteries and distributed to those children that prayed. If you have ever wondered about where pretzels came from (aside from the oven), the following trivia might satisfy your curiosity. – popular memes on the site Whether salted or unsalted, crunchy or soft, there is one common characteristic that all pretzels share: their distinctive knotted shape. The day was declared by then-Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell in 2003. Susan Williams (5/9/2020 2:14:00 AM) Now you know with a title like that I am bound to see which leg you are pulling! He would give these treats, which he called “pretiolas” or “little rewards,” to children who had memorized their prayers. Pretzels were originally invented in Italy as far back as 610 AD, where the earliest reports state that Italian monks used the pretiolas, or “little rewards,” to encourage their pupils to study harder. Within the Christian Church, pretzels were … His job was spared when the master baker took a bite out of one and loved it. Lye pretzels are popular in southern Germany, Alsace, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland as a variety of bread, a side dish or a snack, and come in many local varieties. A page in the prayer book used by Catharine of Cleves depicts St. Bartholomew surrounded by pretzels which were thought to bring good luck, prosperity and spiritual wholeness. The pretzel has a rather “twisted” history, as there are several accounts regarding its original invention. The block pretzels made by Center City Pretzel (and its dearly departed forbearer, Federal Baking Co.) are denser, darker, thicker and more geometric, with slit-like holes that look like windows archers would aim through in a medieval castle. Once factories were able to mass produce pretzels, they became a popular twisted treat worldwide. Thank chriskI3579WM . A little word play going on in that last line keeps me on my toes when reading you, my friend! Jun 29, 2020 - You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? (Note: If you’re looking for an awesome simple to make stuffed pretzel recipe, check these out: 12 Awesome Super Bowl Snack Recipes  Noreen, who does many of the graphics here on Today I Found Out, also runs the website linked there for that “Super Bowl Snack” post. In 1861, the first commercial pretzel bakery was developed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by Julius Sturgis. The push-carts follow a long tradition of pretzel street vendors—it’s believed that they first started appearing in the mid-1400s. See all 743 reviews. The larger half brought prosperity to the marriage—it was kind of like a doughy wishbone tradition. Later, in 1185, an illustration of pretzels appeared in the Hortus Delicarum. April 26 is National Pretzel Day. Hard pretzels were invented in the late 1600s, when a snoozing apprentice in a Pennsylvania bakery accidentally overbaked his pretzels, creating crunchy, seemingly inedible, knots. Although the actual origins of the pretzel itself are not absolutely know, it is believed the first pretzels were made in the early 7th century. Many pretzel bakeries popped up in Pennsylvania around this time, and Pennsylvania continued to be the seat of American pretzel production and consumption; around 80% of pretzels made in America are made in Pennsylvania today. According to 2013 statistics, this country buys more than 324 million pretzels a year. Though we can find both hard and soft pretzels in the United States, the kind of pretzels you can eat like chips are uniquely American, and have been since 1861, when they were first invented. In 2003, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell instituted April 26th as National Pretzel Day to recognize the importance of the pretzel to the state’s history and industry, as it is the birthplace of the world’s first hard pretzel.

when were hard pretzels invented

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