The Milky mushroom is a very large variety often with multiple stems growing from a single base. Commercial production of Milky Mushroom ( Calocybe indica was published by on 2015-10-23. Singer were evaluated. Attention has been drawn to the antimicrobial activity of plants and their metabolites due to the challenge of growing incidences of drug-resistant pathogens. *denotes value on wet weight basis; **denotes values on dry weight basis. 1444-1446 e-ISSN:2581-6063 (online), ISSN:0972-5210 CULTURAL AND NUTRITIONAL FACTORS ON ENHANCING THE YIELD OF CALOCYBE INDICA (P&C) Darwin Christdhas Henry L.*, Sowmiya A., Sutha Raja Kumar R., Thamarai Selvi M. and Jaiganesh V. Those components were the most potent antioxidants present in those extracts. Evaluation of nutritional quality and health benefits of Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica P&C) Publisher: College of Agriculture, Vellayani: Language: en: Type: Thesis: Agrotags: null: Keywords: Home science: This has enabled exploitation of plants for the treatment of microbial infections and in the development of new antimicrobial agents. CALOCYBE INDICA CULTIVATION PDF FILE >> READ ONLINE milky mushroom cultivation ppt milky mushroom cultivation pdf milky mushroom spawn casing soil preparation for milky mushroom milky mushroom cultivation project report pdfcalocybe indica nutritional value Original Research Article. nutritive value. Download Commercial production of Milky Mushroom ( Calocybe indica PDF for free. 62(2): 415: 1974 The species C. indica is usually found growing on humus rich soil, in agricultural fields or along the roadsides in tropical and subtropical parts of India. Mushrooms with their flavour, texture, nutritional value and with very high productivity level per unit area rightly have been Nutritional value and biosafety of Dioscorea bulbifera L. (air potato) fermented with Pleurotus ostreatus and Calocybe indica Tolulope Bolaniran, Clement Olusola Ogidi and Bamidele Juliet Akinyele Received: 21 … The biological efficiency from cotton waste compost is lower than that from straw compost, however, the former has the advantage of giving rather even yield over successive flushes. This requires rigorous research and it is therefore imperative to follow standard methods to authenticate claims of antimicrobial action. The highest yield of extraction was achieved with 80% methanol but the extract did not contain the highest amount of phenolics and flavonoids. Microorganism and raw material There are not many species of this genus in Britain.The name is derived from the Ancient Greek terms kalos "pretty", and cubos "head". acetate, petroleum ether and aqueous extracts. Calocybe is a small genus of about 40 species of mushroom, including St. George's mushroom, which is edible, and milky mushroom, which is edible and is cultivated in India. Fig. The estimated daily intakes of studied metallic and metalloid elements were below their oral reference dosage mentioned by the international regulatory bodies. International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. Check Pages 1 - 6 of Commercial production of Milky Mushroom ( Calocybe indica in the flip PDF version. In this study, the nutritional values of dietary mushrooms- Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus sajorcaju, Pleurotus florida and Calocybe indica that are very popular among the cultivated mushrooms in Bangladesh have … Find more similar flip PDFs like Commercial production of Milky Mushroom ( Calocybe indica. This requires rigorous research and it is therefore imperative to follow standard methods to authenticate claims of antimicrobial action. To boost the nutritional and functional quality of cookies, wheat flour was replaced with Calocybe indica powder (CIP) at different proportions (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%). The nutritional analysis results showed the presence of protein, carbohydrate, fibre, ash content and low in fat and calorific value. CAB Direct provides drying). There are great concentrations of toxic metallic and metalloid elements such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium or silver in many species of mushrooms comparative to other fruits and vegetables. Nutritional and phytochemical analysis of the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus florida) and milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) were carriedout. Particular focus is on establishing the effect of the plant(s) extracts in terms of their microstatic and microcidal action and the spectrum of organisms affected. Conclusion: Edible mushrooms Pleurotus florida and Calocybe indica are having significant antioxidant activity, could serve as easily accessible natural food rich in antioxidant which may enhance the immune system against oxidative damage and may be utilized as the potential sources of therapeutic agents. Only the five per cent sample was consistent with Around nine species are found in neotropical regions. Qualitative phytochemical analysis confirmed that both the mushrooms possess the presence of pharmacologically active compounds like phenols, flavonoids, saponins and tannins. Antioxidative capacity was assessed by utilizing: DPPH stable free radicals; inhibition of linoleic acid oxidation and reducing power of components. Aqueous, ethanolic and methanolic extracts showed positive results on pre-liminary phytochemical analysis and also strongly inhibited the growth of the Gram-positive and Gram negative bacterium whereas ethyl acetate and hexane extracts have low reaction in phytochemical analysis and low antimi-crobial activity. The calorific values were found 304.5±0.28 g, These results were supported by many researchers, portions of plant tissues from the i, qualitatively analyzed and the results were presented in Tabl. As a result, mushroom cultivation has been increased tremendously throughout the world during the last few decades. Protein content showed great variation in all tested mushroom. Objective: To evaluate the antioxidant activity of tropical edible mushrooms namely Pleurotus florida and Calocybe indica. All rights reserved. Mycol. Calocybe indica, commonly known as the milky white mushroom, is a species of edible mushroom native to India. The present investigation for the phenols, the results showed that highest Carrageenan induced acute inflammatory animal model (50.17% at 200mg/kg b.w). Except moisture, Royse DJ. Methods: Antioxidant potential was evaluated by using various antioxidant assays such as DPPH free radical scavenging, hydroxyl radical scavenging, nitric oxide radical scavenging, and superoxide radical scavenging activities as well as lipid peroxidation inhibiting assay, reducing power assay, ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP), metal chelating activity, phospho-molybdenum reduction assay and anti-haemolytic activity. There was no significant difference between the alkaloid, tannin, saponin and phenolic composition of the fruit bodies from the different substrates. control was cultivated on paddy ... respectively, from the value in the control sample. The quantity and quality of the fruit bodies produced were measured using the following parameters: number of fruit bodies produced, height of fruit bodies, fresh weight, dry weight, diameter of pileus and, Pleurotus florida mushroom was cultivated by using Macrotyloma uniflorum (horse gram) as a nutrient supple-ment adopting the "layer spawning" method and the effect of straw size reduction on mushroom yield were stu-died. Materials 2.1.1. Investigation was conducted on two different batches of flaxseed, assessing antioxidant capacity of compounds extracted with different polarity solvents and extracts were tested for antioxidant activity with different methods. This paper reviews the current methods used in the investigations of the efficacy of plants as antimicrobial agents and points out some of the differences in techniques employed by different authors. Antiradical Activity and Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power of Pleurotus pulmonarius , Pleurotus floridanus and Pleurotus sajor - caju Formulations Extracts in Vitro, Antioxidant activity of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus florida [Mont.] This study assess the potential of Calocybe indica (Milky mushroom) as bio-antagonist against microorganism serves as pollutants on Marikina River through Heterotrophic plate count (HPC). The antioxidant activity was carried out by Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power (FRAP) Assay Method. A compressive description of tropical milky white mushroom (Calocybe indica P&C var. Results comparability is largely dependent on the techniques employed in the investigations and conclusive results can only be obtained if methods are standardized and universal. Milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) is becoming more popular in many parts of the world due to its robust size, attractive milky appearance, delicious taste, attractive colour, excellent shelf life and unique texture besides having sustainable yield (Chang, 2007; Alam et al., 2010). Find out more about this exciting new development, Using our new visualization tools you can, Using our new highlighting and annotation tool you can, remove selected records that are not saved in My CABI, sign you out of your There was, however, a significant difference at P  0.05 between the flavonoid content of fruit bodies from humus soil, sawdust and those from a mixture of humus soil and sawdust. Results: The results obtained from this antioxidant study strongly suggest that Pleurotus florida and Calocybe indica have significant antioxidant activity. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Among plant antioxidants are mainly phenolics, large and diversified group of chemical compounds with different radical scavenging potential. 1 Plant Archives Vol. Thus, this study suggests that the concentrations of heavy and toxic elements should be periodically monitored in cultivated mushrooms. antiobese, antihypercholesterolemic, antioxidant, value were measured and the results were tabulated (Tabl. The ground straw and horse gram supplemented batch increased 23% of mushroom yield than control. In Protein Denaturation Bioassay Method, the in vitro anti inflammatory effect of mushroom extract was evaluated against denaturation of egg albumin. An edible mushroom, Calocybe indica was selected to validate its nutritional and medicinal properties. The results showed that the concentrations of essential elements (Mn, Fe, Cu, and Zn) in the target mushroom are at the typical levels. Keywords: Calocybe indica cultivation, reeds, bioefficiency, nutritional parameters 1. Published by Chapman and Hall, an imprint of Thomson Sciences, London (UK). Tocopherols, the main oilseeds natural antioxidants are very potent and when implemented into cell membranes are able to scavenge large number of free radicals. The results clearly showed that utilization of polar solvent enable extraction of significant amounts of phenolics and flavonoids. Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica) is a fairly new addition in the field of mushroom cultivation. The crude fats, ash, energy value, vitamin and mineral contents are lower and yet the differences are not great. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. A method for the cultivation of Pleurotus sajorcaju on a relatively large scale using cotton waste as substrate has been developed, and the mushroom so obtained has higher protein content than and comparable carbohydrate content to Agaricus bisporus, Volvariella volvacea, Lentinus edodes and Pleurotus ostreatus. concentration; “+” denotes present in small concentration; “-” denotes absent. singer, Effect of solvent extraction on total phenolics and antioxidant activity of extracts from flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.), Assessment techniques of antimicrobial properties of natural compounds of plant origin: current methods and future trends, Protein measurement with the folin Phenol Reagent, Foreword to the Fifth international conference on mushroom biology and mushroom products, Studies on cultivation of Pleurotus sp. Accordingly, the objective of the current study was nutritional and nutraceutical valorisation of agro-industrial wastes in an economically viable method using C. indica and its wholesome utilization for the production of value-added food products. The result revealed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, oxalates, phytates, HCN and phenols in appreciable amounts. and Ezeibekwe, I. O. Phytochemical Screening of Pleurotus tuberregium (SING) Grown on Different Substrates. The ultra-violet (UV) absorption showed at 294 nm with a shoulder at 321 and 379 nm indicating the presence of aromatic nature of the compounds. In vitro and in vivo antiinflammatory activity of the methanolic extract of white Oyster mushroom Pl... Phytochemical analysis of two wild edible mushrooms, auricularia polytricha and pleurotus ostreatus,... Phytochemical Screening of Pleurotus tuberregium (SING) Grown on Different Substrates. Forward to the Fifth International Conference on mushroom bi, Bano Z, Rajarathnam. Further subjection of both these mushrooms for quantitative analysis showed the presence of total phenol 38.06 ± 10.09 in P. florida and 30.72 ± 2.48 in C. indica and total flavonoid 1.35 ± 0.34 in P. florida and 0.80 ± 0.04 in C. indica. The fruit bodies of mushroom were harvested fresh, dried, powdered and extracted using soxhlet apparatus. Evaluation of Substrate on Production of Calocybe indica. Invitro anti inflammatory activity was studied using Human RBC Membrane (HRBC) Stabilisation Method and Protein Denaturation Bioassay Method. 1973. International Journal Evidence-Based Complement. The data of comparative biochemical analysis of five strains (CI-4, CI-13, CI-14, CI-15 and CI-18) of milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) for their three important biochemical properties are given in table 1. Extensive online help - available wherever you are in CAB Direct. In vitro and in vivo antiinflammatory activities of methanolic extract of white oyster mushroom Pleurotus florida (Mont.) 2. The value of antioxidant activity of mushroom ranged between 57.79-73.8%.It was found that the methanolic extracts of Pleurotus Florida are effective in inhibiting heat induced hemolysis of HRBC at different concentration. They are found between May and August, which normally coincides with sufficient showers after a prolonged dry period. session so others can sign in. Thus, the study suggests that both mushroom varieties are nutrient rich; possess significant presence of aforesaid phytochemical compounds that can be explored for their medicinal properties. APK2 commercially grown in Tamilnadu, India were investigated. Journal of Biological Chemistry. ... Calocybe indica 64.26 3.40 17.69 4.10 7.43 391. 1—Macrofungi picture a: Calocybe gambosa, b: Calocybe indica, c: Macrolepiota procera, d: Tuber aestivum GAE/g extract and 1.35 ± 0.34 mg RE/g extract, 2.48 mg GAE/g extract and 0.80 ± 0.04 mg RE/g extract, respectively in. Moisture, crude protein, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, total lipids, ash, ether extract, pH, nitrogen and carbon content in mushrooms were analysed. Soc. Mu-shroom cultivation with horse gram supplementation and straw reduction method was found to have increased mushroom yield and high phytochemical constituents. Formulated CIP cookies were characterized for nutritional, functional and sensorial properties, and compared with conventional cookies to evaluate the stated purpose. Calocybe indica Purkay. length of the stipe. Health risk index (HRI) was calculated to evaluate the consumer's health risk assessment from the metal intake that contaminated in the cultivated mushroom of P. florida on the different nutrient sources. CAB Direct Singer) is investigated. The biological efficiency of Calocybe indica was doubled by using a combination of sand +soil +dried biogas spent slurry (BE 180.32%) or vermicompost (BE 176.28 %) as casing material. When 80% ethanol was used for extraction the highest amount of flavonoids was detected and also the best antioxidant capacity. The nutritional analysis results showed the presence of protein, carbohydrate, fibre, ash content and low in fat and calorific value. Medicinal plants have recently received the attention of the pharmaceutical and scientific communities and various publications have documented the therapeutic value of natural compounds in a bid to validate claims of their biological activity. Sawdust which served as the control was better growth medium in terms of length of stipe, number of fruit bodies and height of mushroom. Use of dried biogas spent slurry alone also recorded 130 per cent biological efficiency but combination of sand + soil (BE 79.94 %) was inferior. incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. Results comparability is largely dependent on the techniques employed in the investigations and conclusive results can only be obtained if methods are standardized and universal. The chemical evaluation included qualitative evaluation like test for polysaccharide, test for mucilage, test for amino acid, test for proteins, test for saponins, test for alkaloids, test for tannins, test for flavanoids and quantitative evaluation like thin layer chromatography, column chromatography, IR analysis. Since tissue damage in hyperglycemia has been related to oxidative stress, we evaluated the enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant status in the serum, liver and kidney since they are the target organs in diabetic complications.
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