Love Birds Laying Eggs. If this happens, separate the pair and get new mates. My female lovebird throws her eggs out. What to do please? Question: I have four lovebirds. I have been trying to join one male with her so I would let them out together. Lovebirds like warm tempatures, that is when they are the most comfortable and it is prime to lay eggs. :) It's okay if she stays at the bottom of the cage as long as she is healthy and active. Sometimes people end up buying two females or two males. The brooding takes 22 to 25 days. While they are affectionate to their mates, they are territorial and aggressive to others they view as intruders, like other birds in the household. Is this normal why so long to build a nest. We didn't know that they had laid the eggs until like the 12th day. She looks healthy, she is eating, drinking, flying normally. Please don't worry. The male lovebird will feed the female, and inturn the female feeds the newborn chick. Her voice and the energy is the same. Question: How long does it take for an African lovebird chick to attain full feather growth? This is most common with cockatiels but can occur in other species. Question: I thought we were not supposed to touch the eggs of a lovebird or she will kick them out the nest? Caring for Your Sick Bird Offer a complete history of the problem. Since she has already laid three times, she will likely already be low in calcium. I've written about molting as well. Hi my lovebird has I think about 4 eggs in her, but she isn’t laying them, she looks tired and is sometimes aggressive towards the male. Maybe that's the reason she throws her eggs out. Answer: She might be upset about the cracked egg. Let the eggs be there with her for at least 21-23 days and see what happens. She will lay one egg at a time. In order to breed, lovebirds must be at least 10 months of age. Continual production of eggs that do not hatch will also lower her calcium levels and she could die from the deficiency. Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on February 02, 2020: @Rose Nicholls Hi! I am not encouraging mating but wish I could they are beautiful. Calcium Supply for Your Lovebirds (Table). This is called an unfertilized egg. Eggs are laid 3-7 days after mating normally one every other day. 0 0. Question: Should we separate the male and female Lovebirds after laying eggs? Hey!! It has been 11. But she isn't laying an egg. On average, lovebirds incubate their eggs for about 23 days. I think the liquid must be from a broken egg. She has laid eggs in the past but they always have yolks. Please include 2-3 drops of multivitamins in the drinking water. Answer: There is no way to increase the hatching rate. Answer: Your bird might be younger than one year of age, might not be mated well, or may be infertile. The female is 1year and 3 months old, while the male is just half a year old. Tips to prevent pet parrots from laying eggs. Question: I have 2 pairs in the same cage. They live in isolated clumps of trees with grass plains between them. If you'd like you can go through it. Giving calcium supply (crushed egg shells and small pieces of egg-white). Lv 4. Unless the hen has been exposed to a male bird before the egg or eggs were laid, the egg will not be fertile. Thanks a lot for your quick response Sakina! You can replace the freshly hatched eggs with dummy eggs. However, there can be exceptions (Mumu has mastered the ability of shredding paper and tucking it in his tail)! Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on September 25, 2019: Please wait till 10 days have passed after egg laying. Can a lovebird even lay eggs without having mated. When will she lay an egg soon? Should I take my lovebirds eggs out of cage, cause we know they are not fertile? What was its color? Question: My lovebird has laid four eggs and in that, one egg has hatched. If that is the case, it's okay. If the second lovebird isn't eating on her own, please encourage her to do so and get her a mate immediately. She will lay them every alternate day. You can buy a brooder and transfer the chicks there. They have started mating, and since then the female has laid one egg a day for the last 5 days....the only problem is I don't have a nest box (I don't plan on breeding, but if they happen to have babies, then I don't mind either) I put a bowl in there and some cloth and paper towels, but she doesn't lay the eggs in it. Crush some of the egg shell into tiny pieces/powdery form and add to it. They don't have the right equipment to lay eggs. Answer: Place a bowl of water near her, if she jumps in, you will know she is okay with it. I hand tamed her super well from the age of 3 weeks, and she became incredible affectionate and snuggly. Even without a nest or a male, lovebirds sometimes produce eggs. She's just laying in the box since last night in the same position! Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on February 26, 2020: She might get weak eventually. Love bird owners my peach faced lovebird started laying eggs and i heard that touching will cause their parents to neglect it is that true or not … Press J to jump to the feed. It may affect the babies if the disease is genetic. Place the bird in a bowl of warm water. Your bird is likely to pass large droppings which may wet the cage floor, making it colder. How do I increase the hatching rate? What do you suggest? Housing them together may lead to a clutch of infertile eggs in the former case, while no eggs in the latter. Any bird will develop its eggs regardless of whether they are fertilized because the entire egg, sans the shell, is made before fertilization occurs. For the best answers, search on this site Should I worried, and if so what can I do? Answer: Please get a mate for the other female lovebird as well.

love birds laying eggs

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