Berber is a very versatile carpet style and can work with many types of decor. With the latter, you will need to refrain from dragging anything across your carpet and always keep an eye on active pets in your household. Explore Carpet Colors, Patterns & Textures. We have had the carpet professionally cleaned and the spots are still there! As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining. Claws can be an issue with other types of flooring, and it can be a problem with Berber if you have unruly pets. The word “Berber” can cause confusion as it can mean a style or even color of carpet. I have one very small area with severe matting, so I put in a warranty claim with Stainmaster thru my dealer. Snags are possible; however, which is why quality and keeping your pet's nails trimmed is critical. Buy great flooring from the best carpet brands: Shaw, Stainmaster, Tuftex and Mohawk. From easy-to-clean carpet that’s perfect for families to extra durable carpet options that meet your pets’ needs, we have a carpet for you. Flooring > Carpet Carpet Tile > Carpet ID: 50377484. After almost 2 years it is not holding up at all. When this task was completed our living room looked like a totally fresh, new, clean place. RC Willey sells carpet flooring at our locations in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Reno, Boise, and Sacramento. Stainmaster Active Family Rave Review 12 Ft Berber Loop Atmosphere Berber Carpet … Add character to your home with soft-step technology, which gives you more cushioning underfoot. Regardless of the color, this material is distinct, whether it’s patterned loop Berber or Cut and Loop Berber. I finally got a hold of somebody ast Stainmaster and now they say they never even heard of me. Having spent several thousand dollars over the past decade on carpet for my home, only to be disappointed time after time, I decided to try Stainmaster carpet. STAINMASTER® carpet is Australia’s most trusted carpet … While it was once thought of only for basement rec rooms and home offices, it is now a popular choice for all areas of the home. Here, you will find an array of patterns, pile heights, twists, textures, and berber, plus combinations of these styles. • Stain Resistance: Berber carpet is also stain-resistant. I've had the Stainmaster brand carpet in my home for the past 5 years. Others require a spot remover, but the stains come out really well. Berber carpet is a loop carpet, which means that when you look at it you will see closed loops as the carpet’s fabric. Chase’s soft linear texture points the way to your next adventure. Professional installation is available by our knowledgeable and experienced installers. They tend to sit on the surface, allowing you to easily blot the mess. Carpet Stairs Rugs Collections Maintenance Find a Retailer Icon Find a Retailer ... STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Backing. Since it is a high traffic area we are assuming that they are from dirt. It’s also no longer considered “cheap” by many homeowners thanks to new styles and fibers, so you can find it installed throughout homes, not just high-traffic areas or finished basements. Exclusive Stainmaster Flooring Center. It is a style you need to consider carefully however due to all the variables involved with the style and the term itself. Cream Carpet Wall Carpet Beige Carpet Rugs On Carpet Carpet Flooring Carpets Textured Carpet Patterned Carpet. A: Most snags in Berber come from poor quality carpet or poor decisions by homeowners. STAINMASTER PetProtect Concord Mystical Charm Textured Carpet (Indoor). A year ago I have replaced the carpet in my home with Stainmaster. Read 170 reviews of StainMaster carpets by homeowners, landlords, contractors, and distributors. & Price Allowed in order to on the net shopping in which the label affirms all this. Q: What’s the best fiber for durability in Berber carpet? Sure, your carpet’s look and feel is a big part of your decision. Berber carpeting is one of the more interesting styles currently in production, and also one of the oldest. See Shaw's New Life Happens Water Proof Carpet. STAINMASTER® carpet is Australia’s most trusted carpet brand. If you’re interested in purchasing Berber carpet for your home and can deal with the negatives, it’s time to talk about the cost of Berber carpeting. Carpet Families; STAINMASTER® Carpet; STAINMASTER® PetProtect® STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ STAINMASTER® Essentials® Stain Removal Guide; Shopping Tools; Find Carpet From Home; Hard Flooring. I had a black, cable style Stainmaster brand carpeting installed in my house a little over a year ago. "Stainmaster Berber Carpet" This carpet has served well enough, but to be honest it doesn't live up to its name. Stainmaster® Carpets are designed for the way you live. Q: Is damaged Berber carpet easy to repair? Cut Berber and Patterned Loop and Cut are also options, and then you have the fiber itself to consider. Whats people lookup in this blog: Stainmaster Berber Carpet At Lowes I was pregnant at the time and thought to myself that my child would be roaming around on the disgusting carpet, and it was an unsettling feeling. I used 409 house hold cleaner to clean the mess and it did a wonderful job. Stainmaster Berber Carpet. More Info. Patterned carpeting usually brings a premium, and that’s no different with Berber carpeting. Berber carpeting is one of the more interesting styles currently in production, and also one of the oldest. Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is backed by a lifetime warranty on stains, anti-static, soil and pet accidents. Berber carpet is unique, and the attractive price point makes it an interesting choice for various rooms in your home. Phone us on 1800 335 624 if you have any questions. Loop Berber Carpets The Berber or looped style carpet is a favorite for many reasons starting with its durability and low cost relative to other residential carpeting. Blue, red, warm or cool Stainmaster has the right color to complement any room, no matter how traditional or modern. At the perfect Carpet, we have a huge selection of stunning Berber carpet colors to choose from at equally appealing prices. Originally, this fiber was hand-woven by the Berber tribe and featured multi-colored flecks of wool in the weave, along with a pronounced knot or loop.

stainmaster berber carpet

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